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美女下夜班,一色男子尾随跟踪,女很害怕,正路过一片坟地, 色男子正要下手, 美女走到一座坟墓前说:“爸爸,开门吧,我回来了”。吓的色男子狂奔而去。 美女为自己的聪明得意地笑了起来,哪知笑声未落,从坟墓里传出一个阴森森的声音说:“闺女,你咋又忘记带钥匙了呢?”吓得美女尖叫著跑了。 这时,一个盗墓者从坟墓里爬了出来,说:“影响我工作,吓死你”。突然发现墓碑前有一老者,手拿凿子在刻墓碑,就奇地问:“你在干”?老者生气地说:“这些不肖子孙把我的墓碑都刻错了,只自己来改啦”。盗墓者一听,吓得撒腿就跑了。 看著盗墓者的背影,老者冷笑道:“跟老子抢生意,吓死你”。一不小心,凿子掉地上了,老者正要弯腰去拾,却看见从草丛中伸出一只手,同时还有个冷冰冰声音:“ 啊,敢乱改我家的门牌号”。吓得老者连滚带爬地跑了。 一个拾荒者从草丛中爬出来,捡起地上的凿子,感叹道:“这年头,捡块烂铁还得费这么大神。A beautiful woman comes off night duty, is tagged along after the track by a color man, the beautiful woman is afrAId very much, a right way stretch of grave, the color man has been just about to starts, before the beautiful woman arrived at a grave, saying:“daddy, opens the door, I came back”. Frightens the color man dashes about wildly goes. The beautiful woman for her hAPPily has smiled intelligently, who would have thought the laughter has not fallen, spread a gloomy sound from the grave saying:“has the unmarried girl, you forgotten how the belt key?”Frightens the beautiful woman to scream ran. By now, a tomb raider crawled from the grave, said: “affects me to work, scares to death you”. Before the sudden discovery tombstone, has an old man, the hand takes the chisel to engrave the tombstone, wonderfully asked: “you in why”? The old man was angry said: “these unfilial descendants engraved mine tombstone mistakenly, only changed”. A tomb raider tin, frightened runs away. Looks that the tomb raider back, the old man sneers said: “snatches business with the father, scares to death you”. Incautiously, the chisel fell ground, the old man was just about to bends the waist ascends, actually saw from the thick patch of grass to stretch out a hand, meanwhile had an icy sound: “, dares to change my family's house number plate randomly”. Frightened the old man to tumble runs. A junkman crawls from the thick patch of grass, picks up the ground chisel, sighs: “this year, picks the block rotten iron also to spend the such big god.”